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Prof. Irad Ben-Gal (The Department of Industrial Engineering) - Postdoctoral Fellow

Tel Aviv University, in collaboration with Stanford University (CA, U.S.A.), is engaged in a research program called "Digital Living 2030" (DL`30). This research program aims to explore how our lifestyles will change beyond 2030, given the current digitalization of various operations and services and rapidly advancing technologies, such as machine learning and generative artificial intelligence.


Tel Aviv University is excited to announce the call for a postdoctoral Fellowship for the Digital Living 2030 program. This Fellowship offers a unique opportunity for postdoctoral researchers to engage in research at the intersection of data science, artificial intelligence, operation research, industrial engineering and management science, electrical engineering, and computer science.


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For further details about the program and application process, please visit >>

or contact us directly and


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Prof. Ram Fishman (Social and Policy Studies) - Student

Looking for a student for a Research Project on Water Economics in cooperation with UC Santa Barbara.


Looking for a student to implement the working methods in a large study that aims to explain the rate of dilution of water resources worldwide from climatic and human variables of water use.


The study is part of joint work with UC Santa Barbara that advises an international commission on the global water crisis called the World Commission on Water Economics - GCEW


The position is open for:

  • Master's student
  • PhD student
  • Postdoctoral fellow
  • Research assistant


For more info contact Ram Fishman

Dr. Orr Spiegel (Zoology) and Prof. Sivan Toledo (Computer Sciences) - Postdoctoral Fellow

A postdoctoral fellow is needed for a research using data science tools to analyze animal movement data


The research will deal with movement ecology and combine computational tools, simulations, AI and statistical models to develop data processing methods for animal tracking. The work will be based on the ATLAS system and will bridge between the system developers (at the School of Computer Sciences) and the data analysis of the end users (at the School of Zoology).



  • Curiosity and desire to understand complex natural systems
  • Appropriate academic background - PhD in biology or exact sciences
  • Programming knowledge (R/Matlab/Python) and good quantitative skills
  • Advantage for experience in movement data analysis
  • Ability to work both independently and in a team with a diverse background


Please contact Dr. Orr Spiegel (Zoology) and Prof. Sivan Toledo (Computer Sciences) with a CV, grade sheets and a brief explanation of your motivation to take part in the research. The search will continue until a suitable candidate is found.


Our lab sites:


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Prof. Uri B. Rom (Music) - Programmer for Quantitative-Algorithmic Music Research

Looking for Programmer for Quantitative-Algorithmic Music Research 


For the research group of Dr. Uri Rom in quantitative-algorithmic music research at the Buchmann-Mehta School of Music, Tel Aviv University, looking for a programmer with a background in machine learning!


The research includes analyzing classical music using algorithms, collecting and evaluating musical data and creating databases for scientific publications. The assignments include developing algorithms for music analysis; programming (mainly in Python); Machine learning on musical data. The project is in collaboration with the Data Science Center of Tel Aviv University (TAD) and is carried out accompanied by data-science researchers from the University.


Job scope at 25% or according to negotiation.


Please contact Dr. Uri Rom at

Prof. Jeffrey Hausdorff (Medicine) - Research Engineer or Computer Scientist

Full Time Position Available


The Center for the Study of Movement, Cognition and Mobility (CMCM) in the Neurological Institute at the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (“Ichilov”) is looking to hire a research engineer or computer scientist.


The candidate will be responsible for developing and applying signal processing and machine learning methods to metrics based on physiological signals and wearable devices such as acceleration, gyroscope, EEG, fNIRS, and imaging data. Using wearable devices, the CMCM aims to better quantify gait, balance, movement, cognition, and related physiological properties in healthy adults and in disease populations (e.g., Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, stroke, fallers), to enhance diagnostic accuracy, and to improve the sensitivity and specificity of monitoring disease progression. 


The person will also help support new and ongoing cutting-edge lab projects, provide assistance and guidance to students, and be encouraged to propose new research ideas, write peer-reviewed papers, and present his or her work at national and international conferences.  



MSc or PhD in engineering, computer science, or a closely related field.

Programming experience in Matlab and/or Python.

Working knowledge of signal processing and time-series analyses is helpful.

Preference to someone who is research-oriented and excited to take on new and diverse challenges.

Good communication skills in English and Hebrew.

Knowledge of biomedical statistics is also helpful.

Willingness to commit to this position for at least 2 years.


For more information about the research activity at the center, please visit:


Interested parties should send a current CV and contact information for potential references to: 

Please place "research engineer" in the subject line.

Prof. Hadas Mamane (Environmental Engineering) and Prof. Vered Blass (Environmental Studies) - MSc and PhD students

Project funded by TAD and Google – Call for MSc /Ph.D. at Tel Aviv University Thesis students only


  •  Goal: Integration of an early warning system with changes in water quality resulting from floods and climate events
  • Aim to develop a tool to assist authorities in preparing for flood events
  • AI knowledge required for the project
  • Advisors: Prof. Hadas Mamane (Environmental Engineering Program & TILabs) & Prof. Vered Blass (Environmental Studies)


Contact person: Ph.D. student Asaf Pras. Email:


For more information >>

The Center for AI and Data Science (TAD) - Medical Data Engineer

Job Summary: We are seeking a skilled and motivated Medical Data Engineer to join our team. The ideal candidate will have experience in Python programming, large databases and cloud computing.


The Medical Data Engineer will be responsible for working with large datasets, efficient data processing pipelines for analysis of medical data



  • Manage access to large medical datasets
  • Develop and maintain data pipelines for efficient data extraction and transformation.
  • Handle the licensing process and technical aspects of obtaining access to medical datasets.
  • Create tutorials and documentation to support users in analyzing and interpreting medical data.



  • Strong proficiency in Python programming.
  • Experience with SQL and working with relational databases.
  • Familiarity with cloud computing platforms (e.g., AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) is an advantage.
  • B.Sc in computer science is an advantage.
  • Strong attention to detail and ability to work with complex datasets.
  • Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment.
  • Knowledge in biology or health sciences is an advantage


To apply, please submit your CV to


Prof. Vered Blass (The Porter School of the Environment and Earth Sciences) - Post-doc special joint position

The World Economic Forum and Tel Aviv University seek a Hoffmann Fellow for a two-year joint appointment for work at the intersection of buildings and climate change.


The Fellow will be based jointly at the World Economic Forum's Center in Geneva, Switzerland and the Porter School of the Environment and Earth Sciences at Tel Aviv University, Israel.


See all details here >> 


Dr. Pablo Balan (TAU) and Juan Pedro Ronconi (Brown University) - Research Assistant in Economics

We are looking for a part-time research assistant to work on a series of projects involving natural language processing.


Task: The task involves text analysis/natural language processing of a corpus of texts, preferably using Python. The overall goal is to produce a rich description of the texts to get insights from the data. While some tasks are relatively standard, some of them involve creative ways of describing the data.


Qualifications: Master’s or bachelor’s students in economics or computer science. Proficiency in Python and previous experience with natural language processing/text analysis is required. Command of Stata is recommended but not required. Basic knowledge of Spanish is recommended.


Compensation: Competitive, according to qualifications.


The successful candidate will report directly to Pablo Balan and Juan Pedro Ronconi.

Please send a one-page letter of interest, sample code doing text analysis, and a CV to and with the subject "Research Assistant".

Dr. Ella Daniel (Education) - Post doctoral fellow

An ERC funded research project applying computational methods in developmental psychology research.  


The study conducted in the School of Education will include development and adaptation of applications to identify value messages and value transmission strategies in mother-child interaction and in social media influencer interactions with children and adolescents. Research can include NLP, speech and interaction analysis, and video analysis.  


We are looking for a data scientist interested in working in a multidisciplinary team, leading the integration of computer and social science research.  


Graduates of Psychology, Education, Communication or Data Science are welcome to apply. Those combining skills across disciplines are especially encouraged.


See details here, and here >> 


Prof. Hadas Mamane (Mechanical/Environmental Engineering) and Prof. Vered Blass (Environmental Studies) - PhD student

Research funded by TAD and Google to develop an early warning system for changes in water quality due to floods and extreme climate events. In this study, we will apply ML and AI techniques to nowcast significant and dangerous changes in water quality.


The research will include multi-source data integration, such as real-time and in-situ water quality parameters and Google’s early warning flood system outputs that can be used to predict the impact of floods on users’ water quality.


Knowladge in AI, big data, and/or water quality are a plus.


For further details, please contact Prof. Hadas Mamane: (email subject: Google & TAU PhD)

IASACE - Software development and Data Management

Israeli Applied Systems Analysis Center of Excellence (IASACE) - 


Software development and Data Management


For more details >>


Please send you CV to



Dr. Nir Sade (Plant Sciences) - MSc student

A Machine learning (ML) research project of electro-optical based plant phenotyping and breeding selection of crops aiming to discover optical characteristics of superior phenotypes of crops that can better survive climate change conditions and provide higher yields.


The research will include multi-source Data acquisition and ML analyses of hyperspectral (visible and IR) and Thermal images in correlation with additional abiotic and biotic parameters to discover optical traits that can be used for selecting superior phenotypes byplant breeders and seed companies' production control. 


For further details please contact Dr. Nir Sade:

Dr. Gili Bisker (Biomedical Engineering) - MSc and PhD students

Open positions for MSc and PhD students - Optical nanosensors for bio-inspired assemblies


We are looking to recruit talented students for a new multidisciplinary project combining single-walled carbon nanotube optical nanosensors and bio-inspired nanostructures.


Relevant background: Engineering, Life Science, Physics, or Chemistry.


Please see more details in the attached file.


If interested, please send your CV to

Dr. Nadav Cohen (Computer Science) - MSc Student

Looking for a MSc student to work on an empirical project applying deep learning to electromagnetism and photonics.  


If you're interested please send your CV to

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