About TAU Data Science center

Data science is the study of the computational principles, methods, and systems for extracting knowledge from data. Large data sets are now generated by almost every activity in science, society, and commerce - ranging from molecular biology to social media, from sustainable energy to health care.


The path to deep scientific discoveries nowadays is no longer limited by the collection of data, but by the management, analysis, understanding and visualization of the gathered information. From studying the building blocks of life, to understanding the nature of our universe, the bottleneck to transformative breakthroughs is becoming our ability to perform inference over heterogeneous, noisy, and often massive datasets.

Data Science asks: How can we efficiently find significant patterns in these vast amounts of data? Many research areas in Computer Science have tackled parts of this problem: machine learning and statistical methods focus on finding patterns and making predictions from data; databases are needed for efficiently accessing data and ensuring its quality; ideas from algorithms are required to build systems that scale to big data streams; and natural language processing, computer vision, and speech processing are each needed for analysis of different types of unstructured data. But to pave the way to success these distinct disciplines not only need to converge into an integrative framework but also must understand deeply the real needs of domain scientists. Similarly, the next generation of scientists needs to be deep in both their own field as well as computer science, statistics and applied mathematics.


Our Mission

The twofold mission of the Data Science center is therefore to make Tel Aviv University a leader both in advancing the techniques and technologies of data-intensive discovery, as well as in making these techniques and technologies accessible to researchers in the broadest imaginable range of fields. Our strategy for achieving this is to focus on innovative research involving methods researchers (in computer science, statistics, and applied mathematics) and domain science researchers (in the life, physical, and social sciences). This joint, advanced research will lead to a wave of scientific breakthroughs using big, complex, and rich data sets, and open the door to a new world of technological discoveries.


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